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Creativity is an alchemy—a process of transforming something of this earth, through the magic of vision, intent, poetry or technics into something seen, used, or understood in a totally new way.

We, the creative alchemists of flordemayoarts.com—inspired by the beauty of the Southwestern landscape, its amazing plants, deep knowledge of its land-based Native Peoples, and its rich history—honor this land through many media.

Our mission is to express appreciation of the desert Southwest and to teach skills and joys of desert inhabitation.

Watercolorist Martha Ames Burgess, “Flor de Mayo”, has come to art as a special way to appreciate and understand Nature and history...

Virginia Wade Ames—designer, watercolorist, and pastellist—has studied drawing and painting at the Corcoran School of art, Washington, D.C., studied silkscreen printing with Lou Stovall and Krystina Maryk...

Follow this link to learn more about the Artists of Flor de Mayo Arts.

Our watercolors, pastels, collages express our sense of place on many scales. We invite you to view our online Art Gallery and see how our artwork may speak to you.

You can purchase some of our Originals, Prints (Giclee, or matted miniatures - some framed) and Notecards.

Be sure to check size of artworks under their detailed descriptions when ordering.

Our herbal creations translate the strong gifts and survival skills of desert plants into easy-to-use healing hydrosols, oils, and teas—herbal blessings to soothe the stresses of modern lifestyles.

Hydrosols are distilled floral waters—pure water with micro-beads of essential oils dispersed throughout. Each hydrosol is made in a still with plant material harvested fresh to retrieve the maximum amount of aromatic volatile oils.

Click to learn more about our herbal products or to place an online order.

Via flordemayoarts.com you also have access to a taste of the desert’s healthful bounty with purchase of cultivated heirloom foods or wildcrafted dried desert foods.

Currently available products are native tepary beans, Tom’s Mix, and Chia seed.

Desert Plant Workshops: some might call them primitive skills—we call them timeless technologies which every citizen of the desert should know. Throughout the seasons we schedule outdoor hands-on workshops to share knowledge of the desert shared with us by Native elders. We guide you in sustainable harvesting of desert foods and traditional medicines, then through culinary alchemy, into the joy and good health they provide.

Events Calendar: find out what venues you may see our shows, find our products at farmers’ markets, or enjoy demonstrations or tastings.

Some places where you can find works by Flor de Mayo:

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