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“Tom’s Mix”—a Heritage SW Bean Mix for Soup or Dip

14 colorful and nutritious varieties of traditional Native American and Pioneer heirloom beans in a delicious combo, dry agricultural fresh crop product. Comes with recipes & heirloom info sheet.

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1 lb bag …… 12.00

Native American Tepary Beans—traditional Tohono O’odham crop

These are the amazing beans which kept Native People healthy, fit and energetic. Saved from extinction in the early 1900's, these delicious, robust-flavored little legumes are enjoying a revival as people become more health-conscious "locavores". Caution: Teparies take a long time to cook, as they are nutrient-dense. Comes with with recipes and info sheet.

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How do I cook beans?

1 lb bag …… 7.50

Organic Chia Seed (Salvia hispanicum)

High omega-3’s and -6’s, blood sugar balancer, important complex carbs, traditional energy food of the Aztec and other First Nations. Comes with recipes.

Try chia in fruit salads; veggie salads and to thicken sweet or vinegar dressings; or in hot or cold cereals. Chia's super-nutrition and smooth texture when moist makes it the perfect addition to any smoothie!

6 oz bag…… 7.00

1 lb bag…… 14.00


Heirloom Organic White Sonora Wheat

An ancient grain newly emerging from its historic quietude as a flavorful and nutritious gift to Southwestern cuisine—a real boon to desert agriculture and health! Heirloom Organic White Sonora Wheat has been kept alive and well in a Sonoran village for 300 years, “rediscovered” and propagated by Native Seeds/SEARCH plant-sleuths, and at last being grown commercially by a few caring farmers in Baja Arizona. This particular Triticum aestivum variety is a winter wheat for the desert.

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6 oz trial-size bag…… 3.00

1 lb bag…… 6.00

1 kg (2.2 lb) bag…… 9.00

For bulk rates please contact info@flordemayoarts.com or 520-907-9471.

For small batches of fresh-milled organic White Sonora Wheat flour by the pound (@8.00/pound) please contact info@flordemayoarts.com or 520-907-9471. Patrons of Sunday St Phillips Farmers Market can call by Friday before the Sunday market to pick up fresh-milled flour orders at the Flor de Mayo booth.

Native Arizona Mesquite Flour

This delectable gluten-free mesquite flour is grown sustainably in Arizona from our own native velvet mesquite which has the choicest and sweetest pods. It is a raw agricultural product ground from the whole pod, seed and all, cleaned, thoroughly dried, ground to a fine meal, uncooked. It contains a high amount not only of complex carbohydrates and fiber, but also it is highest protein content of any mesquite meals or flour. Mesquite meal is excellent for adding to baked goods, smoothies, hot cereals, pancakes, and hot drinks. It was a traditional food of Tohono O'odham and Piman people, and other Natives of the Sonoran Desert, keeping them healthy and strong. The same nutrition is used today for balancing blood sugar, preventing and treating diabetes, for sustained energy, and a healthy protein-rich addition to many dishes. Bags include recipes. Please contact us for bulk orders for quantities greater than 10lb.

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1/2 lb bag…… 8.00

1 lb bag…… 15.00

Sun Oven

Solar Cookery is the best way to save energy, to cook your heirloom beans (and a whole lot more!), to keep from heating up the house in hot weather, and to make use of the best energy fuel around—our God-given sunshine! Flor de Mayo is now a dealer of the most efficient and convenient solar oven available today, the Sun Oven. And, we can arrange fun solar cookery workshops upon request. With our group order we can deliver your fold-up, light-weight Sun Oven to your doorstep for $249.00 post-paid. It works fine even in winter’s light—as long as the sun is out! Turn-around time is about 2 weeks from order. Get cooking right away!

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If you want to pay more for this clever model of solar oven, it can be purchased from the dealer. Check out http://www.sunoven.com/cart/index.php?main_page=products_all. But, you can save plenty with our Flor de Mayo group discount--making it easier for everyone in the Southwest to have a solar cooker!

$249.00 (shipping included)

Canvas Art Tote Bags

Choose from 5 different Southwest and Native Foods images from the original watercolors by Martha Ames Burgess—printed on heavy mil canvas with double cross-stitching and gusseted base, generous size approx 13"x13"x5" with comfortable medium-length shoulder strap. Makes a wonderful gift-bag for sending an assortment of heirloom foods! Washable in cool water.

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Canvas Art Bag …… 20.00

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