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What about handmade soaps?

Soaps are the oldest cleansers known to humanity. They are formed by a surprising chemical reaction between oils, lye, and water. Lye is a dangerous substance, but even though it is used in making all bar soaps, there is none remaining after the soap making is complete, that is the chemical reaction of saponification. Lye is gone after the soap has dried properly for three weeks.

Most commercial soaps bought today are not true soaps but rather detergents, which have a petrochemical base. Many people are sensitive to these detergent “soaps” and react with itchiness, dry skin, skin irritation, and sometimes severe allergies. A myriad of chemicals like isopropyl alcohol, BHT preservative, sodium lauryl sulfate, and anti-bacterial ingredients in commercial soaps can cause problems. Potential environmental hazards—as well as hazards to human health—are increasing with the fad of anti-bacterial liquid soaps. Over 70% of liquid soaps sold have anti-bacteria chemicals, which can kill our beneficial soil microorganisms and helpful septic tank “bugs.”

Our skin is our protector but it cannot keep everything out. A body care expert has said, “One should put on one’s skin only things that would be safe to eat.” The reason is that our skin absorbs more than half of what is put on it! From there these chemicals make it to our bloodstream. You want a soap which is high in nutrients, healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals—to feed and protect your skin as well as clean it.

Flor de Mayo Desert Herbal soaps are made with pure jojoba oil (actually a liquid wax), the best olive oil, and palm kernel oil. People with allergies to every other soap have used Flor de Mayo Jojoba soaps with grateful relief. Your face and body, too, will feel smooth, soft and healthy. Aromatic herbs, added to our soaps as gentle exfoliants and aromatherapy, are grown in our gardens or wild-harvested with respect.

Enjoy the benefits and blessings of our lovely hand-made soaps with your every sense and spirit!

Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Although it LOOKS like an oil and is clear and gentle and odorless, jojoba oil is technically a liquid wax!  As such it has many virtues we can benefit when using it on our human skin: 

  • It is a carrier wax, able to transport nutrients into the skin. 
  • It has no rancidity—it cannot spoil or go rancid the way other oils can with age or heat.
  • It is a superb emollient.
  • It helps wounds heal.  It has been used as a desert “first aid cream” by Native People for generations.
  • It is a lubricant for hair and skin.
  • With jojoba there is no bacterial build-up.

Jojoba is locally produced—it is an appropriate desert product and is being grown sustainably in arid regions.