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Botanical Hydrosol Sprays

Naturally cooling and refreshing, re-hydrating tonics for the skin, antimicrobial, individually significant aromatherapies, menopausal relief, air fresheners. Available seasonally, made fresh dependent upon weather & Nature’s productivity - Click here for available scents and their uses.

In 2oz cobalt atomizer bottle…… 16.00
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Handmade Jojoba Oil Soaps
What about handmade soaps?
Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Each round bar contains natural exfoliating herb; oils of jojoba, emu & palm kernel.

- “Mrs.Burns’ Famous Heirloom Lemon Basil” Soap with citrus, wrapped in yellow tissue.
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- “Desert Lavender meets French à la Jojoba” Soap with beneficial alkinet herb, in lavender tissue.
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- NEW! “Desert Smells Like Rain” Soap in aqua tissue.
Enjoy the scent and fabulous antioxidant properties of our desert herbal icon Creosotebush, combined with the luxurious nature of jojoba oil in this new and unique soap! Known as "gobernadora" or "hediondilla" and "shu:gi" by Desert People, this desert survivor (some creosotebush clones are estimated to be 10.000 years old!) can perhaps share its survival properties with us herbally. Already we have reports from people with ultra-sensitive skin and allergies that this soap is heaven-sent. 4 oz bar $9.00 attractively tissue-wrapped.

4 oz bar.......9.00
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Massage and Skin Repair Oils

Chaparral Soother -- organic jojoba oil from Simmondsia chinensis, infused with creosotebush Larrea tridentata. A therapeutic oil with a high level of beneficial antioxidants.

Yogi Healing Oil -- an infusion of wild-crafted Arnica herb and organic Olive oil, perfect for muscle and joint pain relief, and for speeding the healing of bruised tissues.

2 oz bottle…… 18.00
(Larger, more economical quantities of Yogi Healing Oil are available upon request.)

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Desert Herbal Tinctures

Tinctures are an effective way to derive the maximum benefit from the plants' healing constituents. They can be added to hot tea or hot water to drive off alcohol. We use only the best non-allergenic organic alcohols for our extractions. Contact us for a list of other currently available tinctures from Flor de Mayo Arts.

For more information on native plant tinctures, please refer to Michael Moore's Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyon West or Charles Kane's Herbal Medicine of the American Southwest.

Tincture of She:gi (herbal chaparral-Larrea tridentata w/ organic grape alcohol)
Tincture of Desert Lavender ( Hyptis emoryi herb w/organic grape alcohol)
Tincture of Valerian (wildcrafted Valeriana sp. w/grain alcohol)

In 2oz cobalt bottle…… 16.00

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Flor de Mayo and its artists and craftspeople make no claims for any medical or healing properties of its creations. Always seek the advice of your physician for specific treatments. And always check for your individual sensitivity to any product. We welcome your comments about our creations.
Canvas Art Tote Bags

Choose from 5 different Southwest and Native Foods images from the original watercolors by Martha Ames Burgess—printed on heavy mil canvas with double cross-stitching and gusseted base, generous size approx 13"x13"x5" with comfortable medium-length shoulder strap. Makes a wonderful gift-bag for sending an assortment of desert herbals! Washable in cool water.

Click here to see all designs.

Canvas Art Bag …… 20.00

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