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What is a hydrosol?

Hydrosols are distilled floral waters—pure water with micro-beads of essential oils dispersed throughout. Each hydrosol is made in a still with plant material harvested fresh to retrieve the maximum amount of aromatic volatile oils. The laborious process takes much of a day—and produces wonderful aromatic waters much milder than essential oils and safe for application on the skin.

When applied externally, hydrosols are mildly astringent, re-hydrating, highly effective daily skin tonics. Spraying one’s face or body is an immediate and pleasurable way to counteract the effects of today’s toxic environmental conditions such as urban atmosphere, air travel, and confined interior spaces.

Hydrosols are like bottled gardens—a true sensual delight. Many desert plants with their rich aromatic oils have surprisingly cooling properties. Each plant aroma is unique and may elicit totally different feelings and responses from one person to the next.

Our desert botanical creations are dependent on the vagaries of rainfall and growing seasons, so we offer only what Nature provides us seasonally through the year.

Contraindications are for anyone with allergies to the individual plant. Always do a small trial spray first with the tester on your wrist and watch for redness, itching, or chest congestion. For external use only.

Suggestions for use:
Hydrosols—great refresher on hot summer days, in the city, in a hot closed car, for hot flashes,… or when you must feel fresh and energized for that important interview with no shower possible! Spray hydrosol 10-12” from your face, body, (or even on washable clothing,) and enjoy the immediate cooling effects! Use it after shower or bath over your entire body as a refreshing toner. Some hydrosols may even be great relief for minor skin irritations. Perfect for countering the dehydration of traveling—keep it handy in your backpack, pocket or purse. The cobalt atomizer bottle will help keep your hydrosol fresh, but do not leave it in a hot place. When not in current use keep your hydrosol refrigerated for long-lasting freshness.

Currently Available Scents:

Mojave Mist (Salvia clevelandii), sweet chaparral sage, fragrant skin refreshment
Sacred Sage Mist (Artemisia tridentata), traditional ceremonial sage, room freshener
Lemon Verbena Mist (Lippia triphylla), calming, soothing body freshener
Aromatic Lavender (Lavandula heterophylla&spp), intense soothing, joyous scent
Rosemary Mist (Rosmarinus officinalis), memory booster, cleansing
Arizona Cypress Mist (Cupressus arizonica), deep woods-earthy scent, conifer & humus
Monument Valley Mist (Poliomintha incana), deep cooling, renewing, energy cleansing

Seasonal Scents:

Spicy Bay Mist (Laurus nobilis), skin bracer, room freshener, holiday cheer
Spearmint Mist (Mentha viridis), cleansing & cooling
Mountain Meadow Mist (Achillea lanulosa or millifolia) for healthy complexion, pure hydrosol of mountain yarrow with organic aloe in a skin toning spray

(check regularly for availability)