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Notecard Giftpacks

Themed sets of blank notecards, featuring assorted prints by Martha Ames Burgess and Virginia Wade Ames. On the reverse side of each card, there is a detailed description of the subject - plant, natural landscape or historic building. Cards are 4x5 inches (panoramic cards are 4x9 inches). Number of cards per pack varies (see below). Each set includes white envelopes and comes packaged in clear wrap.

Click on a category name below to see the individual cards in each set.

Desert Florals (6 cards)........ 13.50

Historic Tucson Vignettes (10 cards)......... 21.00

Native Heirlooms - Southwest Foods (6 cards)........ 13.50

Red Rock Country (5 cards)......... 11.75

Panoramic Landscapes (2 cards) ........ 6.00