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Start Cooking with the Sun!!

Get the heat out of the kitchen! Save lots of money on power bills-- Reduce your carbon footprint-- Be ready for power outages-- Get connected with our most reliable resource—El Sol!!!

Every Southwestern household can and should be using a SOLAR OVEN! It is so easy and fun. With this new model of portable solar oven—the sunoven—you can capture sunlight energy to bake, broil, steam, roast, or even to dry foods—summer or winter. So clean & handy!

Its lightweight design (less than 21 pounds) allows you to fold up the mirror-like anodized aluminum reflectors in just seconds. A built-in lifter enables you to track the angle of the sun, morning, noon or afternoon. The suspended shelf keeps your cooking pan even and balanced, no matter what angle you have it toward the sun—low or high. The tempered glass cover/door is tough. The body is a sandwich of non-toxic insulation which holds the heat. It is totally dependent upon the sun—if the sky is clear it can go to 400 degrees even when the air outside is below freezing.

Take it camping! There is no danger of fire. (It can scorch food if left unattended but will not cause fire—can be used safely even where cook fires are not permitted.) If you forget to move it the sun will move and cool your oven for you.

To cook, you will need to place your solar oven safely away from animals, where you know there will be no shading thru the day. Every half hour or hour, check the alignment directly to the sun, and adjust the lifter to minimize the oven’s shadow. That way you know the glass is perpendicular to the sun’s rays and that you are gathering the most sunlight into your oven.

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Here is a great recipe for your Solar Oven:

Solar Oven Baked Squash—Summer Garden Special

Try this delectable summertime treat, full of vitamins A and C plus manganese, folate, and good fiber—while you get the heat out of the house!!

Your solar oven can fit at least 2-3 yellow squash, crookedneck, or zuccinis so you can plan on serving 4-6 people.

Cut your squashes in half lengthwise. Scoop out immature seeds (and compost) to create a reservoir or “boat”. Fill each half with chopped onions, sweet peppers, celery, tomatoes, and fresh basil(optional). Top with your favorite grated cheese and sprinkle with parmesan, or mild chilpotle chile for a picante flair.

Bake until soft and squash tests done. Depending on the sun and clarity of the sky, and whether you have “preheated” your solar oven, it may take 20 minutes at about 375, or more likely 40-50 minutes at about 275.

Note: Always check your solar oven every half hour or so, just to make sure it is tracking the sun the way you want it to. If it gets too hot you can turn it a little away from perpendicular, i.e. not facing the sun as directly.

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